Monday, June 11, 2007

Introducing... Keala Legacy Creations! PLEASE VISIT MY WEBPAGE!

This is my very first company. I currently do handmade jewelry for adults and kids, cell phone charms, and hand painted lightswitch covers, but will be adding MUCH MORE as time permits!

A little background into my company:

All items are hand crafted on the north shore of the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu. I have lived on the North Shore all of my life and learned many great things from my family about the joys of arts and crafts.

I was first introduced to arts and crafts by my Grandma and Pappap. Grandma used to let me sew my very own stuffed animals. The one I remember most would have to be a little bunny dolly. He was made with White fabric and red rosettes. I was so proud of my little creation and it must have made an impact for me to remember it all these years later! My Pappap taught me how to draw and introduced me to pastels. Some of my very first drawings are pastels, and not too shabby if I might add (I was only 8 years old or so).

My love of creating was also influenced by my mom. She would draw cute pictures for me on my paper bag lunches. I would have a bunny, or a pretty lady or some silly picture just to make me laugh! she also used to sew matching dresses for me and my sister.

My sister is also one of those crafty types. Always the one to say, why dont we just make it ourselves? Her strengths are definitely opposite my weaknesses which actually makes us a pretty crafty pair.

Now, the name Keala Legacy Creations actually came from my mom, and is born from a very deep love of my family and my Gammie. My Gammie was a beautiful woman, strong but kind, loving but stern. She really got us all into jewelry. We used to call her the QVC Queen because she would order all kinds of rings, bracelets and necklaces for us. And I guess the love for jewelry has carried on through the generations! Now my daughter sits with me and watches me create my jewelry.

Thus was born Keala Legacy Creations... from a great love of my family and the influences they have made in my life. PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE!

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Angela said...

This is beautiful! I also attribute my creativity to my family. I love loking at your site and look forward to meeting you and the other Hawaii Etsy street team members.