Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Tattoo!!!


So, this past Saturday I drove out to Hau'ula and met with Miss Laura with Polynesian Tattoo Factory. She is a fantastic artist as well as a tattoo artist and her work is all one of a kind original. I chose to go to Laura after seeing some of her work on flickr and it all just fit.

I arrived at 3:00pm, ink started at 3:30pm and we finished at 10:30pm. Yes... it took 7 hours! I could have done it in 2 sessions, but I figured what the hell... just go for it. I would have been really irritated with myself for not having it completed and I am happy I decided to go on!

She created exactly what I was looking for! And here it is!

The 3 hibiscus flowers represent my children, they also represent my family. My great grand uncle bred hibiscus plants and actually came up with many hybrid species! He named one after my great grandmother Charlotte Keala.

I also have my children's names added, which of course was the most important aspect of my tattoo. They are the reason for this tattoo. I got the ink done on the left side of my ribs so that my children will always be close to my heart and under my arm for love and protection.

And the last part of this tattoo is the Polynesian design. I am of Hawaiian descent and wanted something to represent that. There is weaved Lauhala, Sharks Teeth, and a freehand tribal.

My artist Laura did a fantastic job and the only thing she stenciled on was my kids names. Everything else she freehand sketched on my body. You can see that the design flows with the curve of my body, which makes it look fantastic!

I am just so happy with how it came out!! It was worth every moment of pain and I would do it again this instant... if I had the money!!!


Anonymous said...

I think that is a beautiful tattoo with a beautiful design. It suits it's bearer very well and almost makes me want to go get one!

Allegro Arts said...

that is just brilliant!
you have one talented artist.

DesireeDesigns said...

hey, twin! it's GORGEOUS. someday i might have to come on out and pay a visit to laura myself :)
i'm a burgeoning collector... i think i need some hawaiian work! beautiful, congrats! (p.s. looking smokin' hot there, ma'am- can't believe you have 3 kids!)

Cynful said...

So frelling gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Great ink.

morgan50696 said...

That looks awesome! Laura is amazing at what she does! I researched her before I came to Hawaii and I had her to my side.I love it more and more every day! I need to go back to her to get my other side done!Anyways, it looks absolutely awesome!