Friday, May 1, 2009 is Finally Open!

After 2 years of procrastination I have finally opened my own website to feature and sell my jewelry, hair accessories, home decor and photography!

Check out my Grand Opening May Day Sale! For today only, get all items On Sale, 10% off! Offer ends at midnight tonight Hawaii time.

Im pretty nervous about this new adventure but I am also extremely excited, especially since I made a sale within the first hour of being open!!! WOOOHOOOOO!

And the best thing about it? I dont pay any fees to anyone else for my listings. I decide what my site looks like, color schemes, links and featured products. Im not in competition with thousands of other jewelry designers... and I can focus my marketing to the people who enjoy my design style!

Just want to thank my Etsy friends for being supportive and offering advice, hugs and many blessings.

A huge thank you goes out to my family... for their amazing support and dealing with my craziness as I constantly called for html help.

And the biggest, hugest, most totally awesome thank you goes out to my amazing hubs who not only has to deal with me when I dont make sales... but possibly worse... when I do! LOL! (you etsians will know what Im talkin about).

So... yeah... ;)


Jennifer said...

Congrats! Your site is beautiful. I think I need this kick in the pants to make it happen. Great luck to you and many, many sales :)

Angela said...

Keala, my girl!
I have a bag hanging here in my sewing room for you! Are you still interested? Last I had contact with you you said to list it on Etsy and I haven't done that. But if you still want it, I will bring it to you. I haven;t listed anything in awhile. I tried to make a listing a few weeks ago and couldn;t even remember how!
You still have me number? PLease let me know, because my movers are coming on Wednesday!