Friday, January 29, 2010

Express Yourself! Heading back to the beginning...

A couple of days ago I was cleaning out my closet and found some blank canvas's and my box of oil pastels... it has been sooooo long since I put any time into my art and I decided to dedicate a few days to creating something that I felt embodied Keala Legacy... and here it is!

Mother Earth, Poly Style!

I believe this pretty much sums up the design style of my jewelry and the impact I want to make on people... Keala Legacy is about taking what is traditional and adding a new twist!  All about utilizing the natural style and culture of the islands and adding a bit of character... a splash of color... a touch of uniqueness that can be found only in what I design.

I realize now that what I create doesnt cater to fashionistas... and Im totally okay with that!  Because the people who do purchase my designs LOVE them... and if I can share the way I see Hawaii by selling one piece at a time, I am doing exactly what I set out to do.

So be bold and express yourself and your view of the world!  Me ke aloha pumehana... ~*~ Keala ~*~

*Original canvas will be available for sale shortly... just needs to finish drying and get a few coats of varnish!  Medium is pastels and oil paint.

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hrlattanze said...

How much is this canvas? I want first dibs.. lol.. LOVE IT!